Sewing Lessons

Let's Sew!

We have many sewing machines (vintage and new) to choose from to learn on while taking sewing classes in our studio.

Some are even for sale for those who become interested in owning their own machine.

If you already have a sewing machine and want to learn how to use it, bring it to class with you and we will show you how.

You will also learn how to sew from patterns, machine safety, multiple sewing techniques, zipper installations, button holes, hems, etc.

Instructor fee is $10 hr. and most class sessions last 2 hours per visit. 

Below are a few weekly class options with secure payment via PayPal shopping cart. .

Feel free to give me a contact us so we can set up your first lesson!




Determining Fabric and Notions Needed for Your Sewing Project

The back of every pattern has measurements of fabric and notions (thread, elastic, etc.) needed based on the size you wish to sew.  For your convenience, here is a diagram of how to read a pattern.