Workshop: Hand Blown Glass on Canvas

Add hand blown glass (from Rosetree Glass Blowing and Gallery in New Orleans) to canvas to create your one of a kind masterpiece. You may use or create your own block print to apply to canvas before adding your glass, if you wish. Once you have finished adding glass and other add-on's to your canvas, you will leave your canvas with us over-night so that we can add resin. The resin will cure to a glossy hard state and will preserve your masterpiece for many years to come.
Adding resin to canvas is messy and takes usually 8 hours to set to hard state. The resin when setting (especially in large quantities like this) is extremely caustic and can burn your hands if not handled properly. Resin will also spill in your vehicle if not handled with care, that is why we pour and cure here in the studio and then you pick up within 24-48 hours.
All class dates provided in every canvas size link below.  Thanks!